Rev. Dr. David Clark

Senior Minister

Vacation Bible School

This week is full of energy at Bay Shore Church because Vacation Bible School is in full swing! I am delighted that some of our more seasoned volunteers— who grew up in our church— have returned to volunteer with our kids this year, and are joined by so many of our younger adults.

High school students, college students, and post-college youth are taking time out of their summers to pass on something that had been given to them. It’s just such a touching thing to see how they have returned to VBS—a source of their own spiritual growth and learning experiences—to pass it on.

I couldn’t be more proud of them. They show up. It’s what we do. We’ve all received a faith that others have made sacrifices for so that they could pass it along to us. Now we are called to pass it on to the next generations. Your support of Bay Shore Church helps us do that. We pass the baton to a new generation so that they may know the joy of a nonjudgmental community, the foundations of faith and experience God’s joy in our church. Please thank Pastor Susie and her wonderful team of volunteers who have stepped up to do a beautiful thing on behalf of us all.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Dave


I want to offer a VERY BIG THANK YOU!!! to all of the folks who are helping out with Vacation Bible School: Cynthia Day-Elliott, Carolyn Remley, Payton McCarty, Pat Smith, Ray Smith, Silvia Barger, Emily Maples, Liz Kennedy, Bonnie Nishioka, Diane Donaldson, Renee Norton, Maddie Miller, Jack Krauel, Jeannette Gillies, Lauren Ciceri, Jillie Campbell, Lexi Krauel, Amerige Gouger, Jeannie Skidmore, Lily Brossus, and Dave Winter.

It takes a whole crew of people to row this boat down the river and we’re having a great ride so far!  For a quick glimpse into the VBS experience, CLICK HERE to check out this great video Emily Maples made of our first day’s adventure.

With gratitude,
Pastor Susie