Rev. Dr. David Clark

Senior Minister

Spiritual Practices

We talk a lot in our church about our belief that everyone is on a spiritual journey. We all need to find the truth about our lives and discover what gives our lives meaning and purpose. What are the practices that draw us closer to God? What are things we can do to achieve a more centered, harmonious, and peaceful interior life? Our current sermon series addresses these questions with an eye to how we can build our faith into our daily life.

There are many things you can try that blend well within the Christian tradition. There are hundreds of forms of contemplative prayer you can try. By popular demand, this Sunday during worship we are bringing back the prayer stations so that you can experiment with some of these forms of prayer. Don’t worry if you aren’t into that sort of thing, we will have beautiful music for you to enjoy and feel God’s presence.

The key is finding the right set of practices that work for you. Sometimes you can really take your spiritual growth to a new level by going beyond what is familiar and trying something new. I’d encourage you to take time to look into forms of contemplative prayer to find something that works for you. In addition consider paths like yoga, meditation, prayer walks, silence, fasting, and sound baths. These are all practices that faithful Christians have found meaningful and helpful for their journeys. So go ahead and experiment and see if you can’t bring your spiritual life to a higher level.