Guest Writer

Souper Bowl of Caring – Join the Team!

We are off to a great start Team Bay Shore! Thank you to all who attended church on Sunday and donated to the special food and cash collection soup tureens in the narthex and Fellowship Hall. Let’s keep it going!

The Souper Bowl of Caring uses the Super Bowl 2019 weekend to raise awareness and donations for local food pantries. Once again there will be soup tureens in the narthex on your way into church, and also in the Fellowship Hall. Donations of cash and canned food are accepted. These special gifts will assist St. Mary’s CARE pantry and COA in serving many hungry people in our community.

We have all prayed for those affected by the Federal shutdown and their financial hardships. What can we do? First, we regularly collect food and personal items in the bins in the Fellowship Hall. When they are full, they get sent to distribution centers for anyone who needs the assistance. Additionally, we have a local command center for the Coast Guard. While we have not had this group on our regular donation list, there are several websites that can be viewed for donations:

     The Bob Hope USO.

     Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

As you enjoy the Super Bowl, help us to be mindful of those without a bowl of soup or cup of chili. Thank you for your generosity Team Bay Shore!

-The Missions Commission