Julie Ramsey

Music Director

Pentecost Cantata

In our worship service this Sunday, wear red and celebrate Pentecost!
Bay Shore Chancel Choir Pentecost Cantata
Sunday, May 20th 2018
Come, Holy Spirit, Come

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word CANTATA in this way:
“a medium-length narrative piece of music for voices with instrumental accompaniment, typically with solos, chorus, and orchestra.”

It has been the tradition of the Bay Shore Church Chancel Choir to offer two cantatas a year in our worship services, usually one at the time of Christmas and one at the time of Lent. As Director of Music, I am always trying to come up with new and unique ideas for our seasonal cantatas. I enjoy presenting major works with an orchestra or brass ensemble, selecting music from a variety of sources to create a musical exploration of the nativity or passion story, and in a few of the years used our beautiful stained glass Life of Christ and Christian Life sanctuary windows as inspiration for a visual and auditory exploration of their meaning. Throughout the years, we have used music alone to tell the story or have included narration from our pastors, lay readers or a reader’s theatre style presentation incorporating members of the congregation portraying Biblical characters. This year, I am breaking the mold of doing a Lenten cantata. Instead, I was inspired to create a Pentecost cantata based on Pastor Dave’s weekly sermon prayer:

Come, Holy Spirit come; Come as Fire and cleanse;
Come as Light and reveal; Come as Wind and fill;
Convict, convert, and consecrate, O Lord, until we are holy Yours. Amen.

Throughout the cantata, Pastor Dave will offer reflections about how the Holy Spirit functions in our lives today.

Come hear our Chancel Choir and talented section leaders along with flute and percussionists offer spirituals, world music, songs based on Pentecost hymns, and other spirited songs that will fill your hearts with the hope, joy and peace of the Holy Spirit. Join in our celebration of the birthday of church, when God sent the Holy Spirit to live and dwell within our hearts. It is our tradition to wear red on this Sunday, and our sanctuary will be adorned in red symbolizing the fire and the joy of the Holy Spirit. Bring your family and friends with you to be inspired and renewed! Let all the heavens praise!