Rev. Dr. David Clark

Senior Minister

Marathon/World Communion Sunday

Because the Jet Blue Long Beach Marathon passes right by the church, we will not have our usual worship service and activities at 9:30 this Sunday, October 7th. Instead, we will have a 6:00 pm service in the Gabrielson Chapel. The service will feature communion in celebration of World Communion Sunday.

World Communion Sunday is a time for remembering that around the globe—in different languages, with different traditions and customs, and in various forms of liturgy—the Lord’s Supper is celebrated throughout Christendom. At its best, therefore, World Communion Sunday serves two purposes: it is both a joyous and meaningful partaking in Jesus’ sacred meal with his friends and a mind-opening exposure to different Christian traditions from around the world.

World Communion Sunday began in 1936 in the Presbyterian Church and was adopted by the Federal Council of Churches (predecessor of the National Council of Churches in 1940. Since then, the celebration has grown into an international ecumenical celebration of Christian unity.

The key word for World Communion Sunday is communion, or unity. Despite all of the variations between congregations and denominations, there is something powerful that unites us and we celebrate this on the first Sunday of October every year. Come to join us for the celebration.