Julie Ramsey

Music Director

Children’s Musical This Sunday

On Our Way to Bethlehem

This Sunday our Children’s Choir will offer their annual Christmas musical. Our sanctuary has been set with the Bethlehem scene including stable, star and manger, and will be host to our children depicting Mary and Joseph, the innkeeper and his wife, the angels, the shepherds, the kings, and a host of animals all on their way to Bethlehem. Our musical this year will offer you a chance to take the journey…then and now…to Bethlehem. For Mary and Joseph, it was a journey of necessity. A census brought them to Bethlehem, Mary great with child and looking for a place to stay. For the shepherds, their journey began when angels appeared giving them the good news of great joy. They hurried to Bethlehem to see the Baby lying in the manger, and their journey continued with spreading the word about the Saviour’s birth to everyone they met. The kings’ journey began with the star that lead them to Bethlehem, and when they saw the child, they bowed down and worshiped him, presenting him with precious gifts. The animals, and there are plenty of them in our story, wanted to bring gifts to Jesus too. But what could the animals bring? They offered their very best, all that they had no matter how small:

“Some who are rich have a lot to share; others are humble and poor.
Everyone has something “rich” to give; no gift to small to ignore.”

As Christians, we travel a well-worn path that leads us toward life everlasting. Our path was started by the sandaled feet of a humble carpenter and the hooves of a gentle donkey that carried the mother of Jesus. Our path was paved by the eager steps of all who have come to worship Him and all who believe that in a lowly stable, in a tiny village, the Savior of all was born. Whatever we have, whatever we bring, we all come to honor the Newborn King.  Are you on your way to Bethlehem too?

Filled with charming arrangements of familiar carols and new Christmas songs, our children’s musical conveys with great warmth and charm God’s promises fulfilled. Bring your family and friends to see and hear our children share how we are all on our way to Bethlehem.