Bay Shore Carillon

November 27, 2018       Vol. 72, No. 45

Get in the Christmas Spirit!

Decorating the Church

We need your help this Saturday, December 1, beginning at 9:00 am! We’ll need help making and hanging juniper wreaths and setting up and decorating the Chrismon tree. All ages are welcome to join us in decorating the sanctuary for Advent and Christmas.

Join us for this fun morning!

Belmont Shore Christmas Parade

Our Men’s Group is building a float for this year’s parade, and would like your help. Assembly/decoration of the float will begin this Friday, November 30 at noon, and will resume again on Saturday, December 1 at 8:00 am. The truck will be parked right outside of the church on the street. Our Children’s Choir, their parents, and friends will be riding on the float, singing Christmas carols, and walking along passing out candy canes to the crowds with information about upcoming Christmas services at Bay Shore Church. The parade begins at 6:00 pm, and we are in position #79 (out of approx. 112) so we are in a great spot! Come join in the fun of this annual community event!

Annual Congregational Meeting - December 9

Please join us following the worship service on Sunday, December 9 for our Annual Congregational Meeting. Your attendance and participation are requested. A quorum of at least 60 voting members is required to transact business.



Meeting agenda:

  1. Receive annual reports from the Board of Stewards, commissions and committees;
  • Reports will be distributed at the meeting.
  1. Elect a slate of officers to serve as officers, commissioners and committee members for calendar year 2019.
  • Per our Constitution, John Pohorsky, our Immediate Past Moderator, convened a group of past moderators to nominate individuals to fill open positions. A list of nominees will be provided as soon as the list is finalized.
  1. Adopt the 2019 budget.
  • The proposed budget will be presented following review and recommendations for approval by the Board of Stewards at its November 27 meeting.
  • On December 2 we will have a meeting after church to present the preposed 2019 budget and answer (or seek answers) on any questions you might have about the budget prior to the Annual Meeting where the budget will be voted on.
  1. Consider approval of a sanctuary lighting proposal by BTC Entertainment prepared by the Lighting Task Force and reviewed and recommended for approval by the Board of Stewards at its October 23 meeting.
  • “Click here” for an overview of the proposal and “Questions and Answers” prepared for your review.
  • All expenditures $15,000 or more must be approved by a majority vote at a Congregational Meeting.


December 2nd at Bay Shore Church
 – Worship at 9:30 a.m.
Sunday School and Nursery Care Available
First Sunday of Advent & Communion Sunday

Rev. Susie Bjork’s Sermon:  “A Season of Hope”
The season of Advent is upon us. Advent is a time that invites our intentional reflection on the promise of God’s presence with us and preparation for the celebration of God’s love made incarnate in the person of Jesus. As we wait the celebration of the birth of the Christ Child, we practice living with hope. Hope is the first step in transformation. So, what are your deepest hopes this Advent?

Scripture Lesson: Isaiah 11:1-9
Lay Reader: Melinda Wells

Bay Shore Bells: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
Chancel Choir Anthem: Advent Canticle
Guest Instrumentalists: Flute and Oboe

Flowers on the altar are given by Mary Nimocksin honor of our mother Ermyne Goodin Nimocks who was born 105 years ago yesterday, Dec 1. 
Flowers in the niche
are given by Cynthia Day-Elliott
in loving memory of John Elliott.

Attendance for November 25: 126 adults, 7 children


Poinsettias for Christmas

Christmas is such a festive time at Bay Shore Church, and it’s always a beautiful sight to walk into the Sanctuary on Christmas Eve, and see the Chancel filled with poinsettias. If you’d like to contribute to this effort by donating a poinsettia, you may click HERE to print out a form, pick one up at the church office, or you will find one in upcoming bulletins. Each plant is $14.00, and checks may be made out to Bay Shore Church. All orders need to be placed by Sunday, December 9. Poinsettias may be picked up after the 10:00 p.m. Christmas Eve service or during the week after Christmas Day. Thank you!

Christmas Family Project Update 

Good News! Once again the congregation has opened their hearts to this annual project. Most of the 120 index cards of requests have been chosen. There is still time to get in on the giving. We hope all cards will be taken by this Sunday, as the gifts are due to church on December 9th. Look at the list below for some last minute shopping by Family.

Family #1. Stephanie is a mother of one 5 year old son and lives with her father in a studio apartment. She is attending LBCC studying funeral science. Still on their request list: small microwave, 3 suitcases as they move frequently, and gas cards.

Family #2. Serena is a single parent with 2 children ages 4 and 8. They have had a challenging home life but with a strong faith in God she is hopeful for the future. The needs for this small one bedroom apartment are: 2 small table lamps. 

Family #3. Shelandria is the mother of 2 sons, one in a nearby high school, and the other with multiple challenges and in a wheelchair. The older son is an honor student and involved in sports at school as well as helping with his brother at home. Their needs are: women’s shoes, and Christmas Tree decorations. 

Family #4. Vanessa is a widowed mother of 4 children ages 2-14. They are currently living in an older RV with her father. Vanessa and her family use the bathroom at her sister’s apartment (Family #5). This large family’s remaining requests are: men’s tennis shoes, woman’s top, purse, and a women’s jacket. 

Family #5. Nicole is Vanessa’s sister, and the mother of two children ages 9 and 12. Though not celebrating the holiday of Christmas we support her in her generosity to her family. Their family requests are completed!

Family #6. Antoinette is a mother of 2 children and recently moved from a shelter to live with her mother and brother in a 2 bedroom apartment. Their last remaining request is for a skateboard for the 26 year old to use as transportation. 

Family #7. Jorge and his 7 year old son are living in a very small 1 bedroom apartment. The boy’s mother is not living with them because of substance abuse. Their last two requests are for a man’s jacket and a small toaster oven. 

Delivery people are still needed for Family  #6 on Saturday, December 15th at 9:00 am. Information about the delivery can be found on the Family boards. 

If you would like to give to these families, please take the index card on the board in the Fellowship Hall and sign the photocopy of the card on the nearby card table. This helps us account for all gifts. 

Christmas Gift Card Tree

There will be a Christmas Tree with decorations from Precious Lamb Preschool on display this Sunday in the Fellowship Hall next to the scrip table. The instructions are simple: select an ornament with the denomination that you wish to give. Purchase the gift card at the Scrip Table. Your gift card will be delivered to Precious Lamb by the Missions Commission after the holidays. 

Thank you for your generous and heartfelt support of families and community. 

Groups of 8 Lunch Fellowship

We have already had a few sign-ups come into the office from folks who are interested in trying out this new idea. The proposal is to sign up and we’ll divide everyone into groups of eight people. The groups will go out to lunch after worship one Sunday per month (at a time and location of the group’s choosing). After three or four sessions, we’ll rearrange the groups so you can get to know more people, and so on. This is a ministry that has really been a big success in some other churches so we thought we’d give it a try. If you are interested, please contact the church office and we’ll get going on it.


Everyone is invited to participate in our Christmas Eve Recital at 4:30 pm before the 5:00 pm Family Service. This is a great tradition here at Bay Shore Church, so if you can play an instrument or sing, please contact Julie Ramsey at We’ll provide the accompanist. Any Christmas carol that is appropriate for a church service is acceptable. (No “Jingle Bells” or “Rudolph,” please.) Bring your family and friends to see you offer your talents before the Christmas service. Thank you, Julie Ramsey

Cookies after the Cantata

Please bring a dozen Christmas cookies to share on December 16. Join Parish Outreach in the Concert Hall for coffee, cookies and conversation.

Save the Date: Planned Giving Program Presentation – January 20

On Sunday January 20 at 11:00 a.m., your Endowment Fund Committee will be introducing our new Planned Giving Program, including rolling out an online planned giving module developed by the UCC. You will learn how to use the module, which will become part of our church website, and the many options to give, both now and in the future, to leave your legacy for the ongoing support of our church. Please mark your calendars. Location TBA.

Save the Date – February 10

Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person – the gift of life. A decision to donate your blood can save a life, or even several. Bay Shore Church will be holding a Red Cross Blood Drive on Sunday, February 10 from 8-2 at our Youth Center. Keep following for details and how to register.

Upcoming Church Meetings

Sunday, December 2 at 10:30 – Budget Informational Presentation
Saturday, December 8 at 9:30 – Community Connection & Growth, Parish Outreach Commissions
Sunday, December 9 at 10:30 – Congregational Meeting

Tuesdays with the Pastors

Join Pastors Dave and Susie, fellow parishioners, and friends at Babette’s on 2nd for lively conversation, fellowship and a refreshment of your choice. They meet Tuesday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:00 pm.

Coffee Servers

Dec. 2:
Dec. 9:
Dec. 16:
Dec. 23:
Dec. 30:

Four volunteers are needed each week to make and serve coffee and serve donuts. The sign-up sheet is posted on the hallway bulletin board or please call the church office at 562-433-0401.


The following people and prayers were lifted up in worship on November 25: Pia Jensen, Val Ruschke, Robin, Julie Hamlin, Julee Morris, Catherine Morris, Nan Morris. Healing for Jay Hannibal’s mother who has cancer in her lungs and brain. Healing for Linda Neuss & Charles Andrews. Healing for Flora Madera & Naomi Rainey-Pierson. Teun VanderMaarl for safe travels. Give strength to Sharon Rogers & her caregivers. Prayers for our country & fragile planet. Thanks to god for answered prayers, God’s grace, infinite love, and the promise of each new day. For peace. Grateful for family & friends. Joy & Happy 90th Birthday to Jennie VanderMaarl on Tuesday, November 27th!

To add concerns for our Prayer Chain please contact Jane Loper directly at 562-260-5888, email, leave a prayer concern in the narthex box, or send an email to the church office through the contact form. Let Jane know if you would like to receive weekly prayer chain email.


Sign of Things to Come

Portents of the end of everything doesn’t sound much like a Christmas story, does it? This year the lectionary starts Advent off with a bang by not so much predicting an apocalypse but making sure we understand what the signs of its appearance will be. Luke’s Gospel tells us that the skies will burst and the countries of the world, all the nations, will be in anguish. People will be anxious and despairing. Everything will be shaken to its core. The next sign, the one that would be hard to miss, according to Luke’s Gospel and the book of Daniel, will be Jesus riding on a cloud and shining with all his glory. You would especially pay attention if you saw this because, according to this Gospel, it would signal the entrance of a new world.

In Jesus’ day, living in his world meant being part of the Roman Empire; an empire with extreme income inequality, and oppressive forces pushing down both on the poor and the foreign born. The new world this passage envisions, is one where the poor will not be hungry, equality and compassion will rule, and everything hopeful will be revealed in every corner of every street everywhere. Another way of imaging this can be stated this beautiful way: “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” (Arundhati Roy)

The apocalypse, then, signals not only an end but also a beginning. According to the book of Revelation, it will herald a time when the world will change dramatically…for the good, for the just, for the end of sorrow, for the defeat of greed and the end to all those things that keep people from seeing each other as they are. The new world will truly be a Just World for All!

The birth we anticipate, the baby in the manger, is a glimpse of that new world…the hope of all. It is the great purpose of the church to be a place where we can hear the breathing of that new world. The world outside our congregations might feel hopeless. It may feel like evil powers are in control disregarding human beings, creating an order that feeds on greed and corruption and the extremes of inequality. But the church as the body of Christ houses hope itself. It’s here, where we worship, that love is made visible, especially those three loves that the UCC holds dear: Love of Neighbor, Love of Children, Love of Creation. This Advent, be mindful of how making love visible recharges our communities with possibility and infuses our world with resilience in times of trouble. This is the great work of the church – to make Christ visible, always.

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