Bay Shore Carillon

January 15, 2019       Vol. 73, No. 3

Christian Education for All

This past Sunday we continued our sermon series on growing closer to God.  We focused on how education can aid spiritual sojourners of all ages in our life-long journey of faith.  If you missed it, we passed out a resource for Lectio Divina (latin for Divine Reading) which is a prayerful way for anyone to encounter scripture on their own or in a group setting (CLICK HERE to download a copy).  Studying the stories and history of our faith can be such an enriching as well as challenging experience.  I encourage you to find a way to incorporate this into your life, if you haven’t already.

Teaching can be a way of learning as well!  You learn so much by preparing and offering a lesson.  As you know, we are still in the process of recruiting Sunday School teachers for the rest of this spring semester.  We welcome new teachers and we provide you with an easy to use curriculum to follow.  Please consider giving it a try.  We are trying a new approach that allows more people a chance to teach and doesn’t require the same group of teachers to regularly skip worship.  The sign up sheet is available every week in the fellowship hall or the hallway outside of the downstairs classroom.  If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me at

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to our educational ministries!
Susie Bjork, Associate Pastor

Planned Giving Program Presentation

This Sunday, January 20, your Endowment Committee is kicking off the Bay Shore Planned Giving program at 11:00 in Gabrielson Chapel. Howard Hawkins, Director of Business Development for United Church Funds and Don Hill, former Director of Planned Giving for the UCC will be traveling form New York to Long Beach to help with our kickoff and to lead the presentation. This meeting will introduce the newly developed Bay Shore Church Planned Giving website which will provide all the information needed to start your legacy donation to Bay Shore.

The Bay Shore Endowment Fund was founded in 1986 and has a current value of $869,947. The fund has grown substantially over the years through twenty-three gifts and bequests and has provided funding for many good works at Bay Shore. It is important that we continue to grow the fund principle, so we can continue to provide much-needed funding for our Church.

It is very important that we have a strong show of support for this new program. Please plan on attending.

Sandwiches, drinks and cookies will be provided.


Sunday School Classes & Nursery Care

Rev. Dr. David Clark’s Sermon: The Beloved Community

Participating in Christian fellowship is one of the primary ways to grow in our relationship with God. In community we support each other, we explore together, we are inspired and learn to ask deeper questions based on our experience of another. Why bother with church and all of its imperfections? What’s the upside? When Christian fellowship is working well, there is nothing more fulfilling and satisfying to the soul.

Scripture Lesson:  1 Corinthians 12:4-11
Lay Reader:  Cynthia Day-Elliott

Chancel Choir Anthem:  Go Forth into the World in Peace 

Greeters: Susie & Bob Laubacher

Flowers on the altar are given by Lin & John Sumpter for granddaughter Hannah’s 7th Birthday!
Flowers in the niche are given by Cassie Berrisford in loving memory of Scout and Emma Berrisford.

Attendance for January 13: 136 adults, 13 children


Grief Support Group – Tuesday, January 15, 4:30 – 5:30

Anyone who is experiencing grief over the death of a loved one (including those who are experiencing anticipatory grief for a loved one who is terminally ill) is welcome to attend our monthly grief support group. This open group meets once per month at 4:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month in Gabrielson Chapel to share with each other, listen to one another, and offer mutual support. Our conversations are held in confidence, we share some helpful resources, and each gathering also includes time for prayer, reading of scripture, or other devotional elements. If this seems like something you need, we hope you will join us. If you have questions about this group, please email

Pub Theology – January 15

Start off the New Year with an informal conversation about faith and real life. We always have stimulating conversations and a great time in fellowship. Why don’t you give it a try? Please join Pastor Dave, fellow parishioners and friends at 6:30 pm at the Crab Pot, 215 N. Marina Drive.

Pastoral Relations Committee – January 16

Dave’s Pastoral Relations Committee will be meeting in his office on Wednesday, January 16 at 6:30. Committee members meet with the Pastor on a periodic basis to receive input from them, and to offer feedback.

Greetings from Your Moderator….

It was certainly humbling to stand in church last Sunday surrounded by such capable and experienced folks who have volunteered to serve as leaders at Bay Shore Church. The “Commissioning and Blessing of Lay Leaders” serves to underscore the lay-led component that we value so much in the UCC. Thank you for the warm wishes of encouragement and to all who serve and have served. Now, on to the business of 2019.

By now several of our eight commissions have met (or will do so soon) to get organized, choose leaders and continue the good work of Bay Shore Church. As in the past, Board of Stewards meetings will be held in the church classroom at 7:00 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of the month. The Board consists of the Chair and one other person from each of our commissions, the Moderator, Moderator-Elect, Immediate Past Moderator, Treasurer, and the Registrar, who serves as Board Secretary. Our pastors serve as ex-officio members. Board meetings are open to all. Feel free to attend and witness congregationalism at work. Click HERE for a draft of the agenda for our January 22 Board of Stewards meeting.

See you in church,

John Burt, Moderator

Food for the Flock

Donations of food and toiletries help local agencies who serve the food insecure and homeless people in our community. 

St. Mary’s CARE program has indicated that their pantry needs are great. They especially appreciate high protein items like pop-up cans of tuna, Vienna sausages, beans, and peanut butter packages. These items can be placed in a carry away bag and given to hungry people. They also place small items like soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes in their bags. 

Food For the Flock bins are in the narthex and on the west wall of the Fellowship Hall. 

     Thank you in advance for your kind donations!

Happy New Year Fellowship Club Members and Friends!

We are doing something a little different this year – instead of our usual 3rd Saturday events, our Post-Christmas event will be on Sunday, January 20th. This annual catered dinner and White Elephant Gift Exchange will held at Mike and Diane Jensen’s. We will start this big event at 5:30 p.m. The Jensens live at 45 Geneva Walk in Naples. Please carpool, if possible, since parking can be challenging on Treasure Island. This is always a great gathering with fellowship, food and lots of laughter. In case you are new to this event, each person brings a Christmas – wrapped “treasure” to swap.

As always, remember to bring your favorite beverage and table service. Our treasurer, Cynthia Day-Elliott will be collecting $20 per person for the catered dinner. Since this meeting starts our new year, you can also pay your yearly dues of $25 per person at this time. One check for both meal & dues is the preferred payment. The email address for Cynthia Day-Elliott is Please let her know before Jan 18, if you are planning to attend.  Don’t miss this great event – all are welcome!

In friendship and fellowship,
Diane Donaldson

COA Food Bank

Can we help you? We are here for you. If you are being affected by the government shut down, COA is opening a special food bank just for you on Wednesday, January 23rd and Wednesday, January 30th from 9 am to 12 pm. Our food bank is stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, basic pantry necessities and even some sweets to help through these rough patches. Basic hygiene items will also be available. For more information you can call 562-432-1440, email or pop in Wed 1/23 or Wed 1/30.

COA – 515 E. 3rd St, Long Beach, CA 90802 –

Churchwide Open House

Pastor Dave is co-hosting a party on Saturday, January 26, 6-9 p.m. at the Belmont Heights home of Justin Rudd and Ralph Millero. This free, adults-only churchwide gathering will serve wine, cheese and crackers, cookies and brownies. Guests are asked to consider bringing packs of new athletic socks for Rudd’s Sock-It-To-‘Em sock drive that supports area agencies serving men, women and youth. RSVP with first and last names to to receive the address and confirmation.

Save the Date – February 10

Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person – the gift of life. Every 2 seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. A decision to donate your blood can save a life, or even several. Bay Shore Church will be holding a Red Cross Blood Drive on Sunday, February 10 from 8-2 at our Youth Center. Please make your appointment HERE, or call the church office. Streamline your donation experience and save up to 15 minutes by visiting to complete your pre-donation reading and health history questions on the day of your appointment.

COA Author’s Tea – Feb 16

COA’s famous author’s tea is coming up on Saturday, February 16th, 2019 at Grace First Presbyterian Church (3955 N. Studebaker Rd., Long Beach, CA 90815) from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Tickets are $40 each and can be purchased online at or a check may be mailed to: COA 515 E. 3rd St., Long Beach, CA 90802. This month’s author is local celebrity photographer and author of Humans of Long Beach, Matt Roberts! Don’t miss out this special opportunity to meet Matt and purchase an autographed copy of new release!

Tuesdays with the Pastors at Polly’s Coffee

Join Pastors Dave and Susie, fellow parishioners, and friends at Polly’s Coffee on 2nd for lively conversation, fellowship and a refreshment of your choice. They meet Tuesday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:00 pm.

Coffee Servers

Jan. 20: Kendra and Scott Dixon
Jan. 27: Robert & Kathryn Flippen

Four volunteers are needed each week to make and serve coffee and serve donuts. The sign-up sheet is posted on the hallway bulletin board or please call the church office at 562-433-0401.


The following people and prayers were lifted up in worship on December 13: Joey Burgos, Stephanie & daughters, Alan, Judy & Steve Meyer, Pia Jensen, Peggy Hamlin, Scott Booth, Kate Johnpeer, John Laporta, Steve Dodge, Joel & Jeanine Benson, Julee Morris, Bill & Mary Lou Nicolai, Salwa Morris, Susan Felix, Mary Case, Pauline DeCastro, Valerie Hollister, Charlotte, John & Linda Poysa, Teun VanderMaarl, DeeDee Van Pelt. For peace. For Linda’s niece who had cancer surgery. Healing prayers for Jerrie McDowell, Brian Lindquist, Amy Kokis. For the strengthening faith of Alexa and Brooke Wallace. Prayers of healing for Sandra Conant. Jacob (4 1/2), a middle child for help of his frustrations and anger. For the family of Gaynelle Robbins (sister in law of Harriet Robbins), who died yesterday.Joy and love for Gina Remley and Henry Joseph, who were married yesterday!

For the souls of: Steve Hurst, Dick Gardner.


To add concerns for our Prayer Chain please contact Jane Loper directly at 562-260-5888, email, leave a prayer concern in the narthex box, or send an email to the church office through the contact form. Let Jane know if you would like to receive weekly prayer chain email.


Extravagant Sign

Weddings join more than the people being married. They join families, traditions, and stories. Generations come together. Children who were strangers become cousins. Two become one in many ways. In this story told in John’s Gospel, there is a wedding with a problem. The wine has run out. Jesus is there, with his mother. In the hands of this gospel author that situation turns into an opportunity to make a point about a moment in the first century when the religious landscape was changing. This is a story about the transformation of traditions.

During the time that John’s Gospel came into being, synagogues were being disrupted by Jews who were proclaiming a new religious vision within the context of Judaism. Their voices were raised in worship and community gatherings. What they proclaimed was disruptive to the religious traditions of their day. They were saying that a carpenter’s son who was crucified by Roman guards was the Messiah for whom they have been waiting. Talk about conflict! Talk about turmoil! It must have been hard for everyone. John’s gospel emerged in the middle of this commotion. That is why this Gospel often takes traditional religious symbols of its day and puts them in the hands of Jesus who transforms them.

The jugs that Jesus fills with wine were used for religious rituals of cleansing. What was sacred and symbolic is, after Jesus gets through with them, now filled with wine…a symbol of celebration and newness. There are many ways we can think about this. One is that by using ritual vessels for wine Jesus joins what we think of as ordinary with our sacred practices.

Many of our churches are experimenting with new ways of worship and new ways of transforming old traditions. In Cleveland, at our own Amistad Chapel, this past summer, artists gathered from all over the country. They were visual artists, dancers, scholars of liturgy, writers, and storytellers. They gathered to create and wonder and experiment and discover a new language of our faith – a language for a new century already well underway. They gathered to develop resources for the local church and to support our justice work, and they all came to share how the sacred speaks through our creative selves made in God’s image. One of the participants, Rev. Erin Beardemphl said this about art,””If we could, in our churches and in our communities, show people that they really are creative beings, I expect the world would be so much more loving.” Like what Jesus did at the wedding, they were filling old vessels with new wine.

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