Julie Ramsey

Music Director

Bay Shore Children’s Choir Spring Musical

Rescue in the Night – The Story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den

During our Sunday morning service, our children’s choir will offer their yearly spring musical. This year through word and song they will depict the Biblical story of Daniel, a person who through courage and obedience served God in the face of great danger. Daniel was a humble and faithful man of prayer. King Darius named Daniel his Grand Chancellor because he was very smart and the king liked him, and this made the king’s other advisors extremely jealous. They wanted to get rid of Daniel, but the only way they could find fault with him was to get King Darius to make a new law that went against Daniel’s religious beliefs. The advisors tricked the king into passing a new law that everyone had to pray only to him with penalty of being thrown into the lion’s den! When Daniel had to choose between praying to God or facing death for his beliefs, he was faithful to God. When he continued to pray, the advisors told King Darius and Daniel was cast into the den of lions. The king hoped that Daniel’s God would deliver him and was so worried about Daniel that night that he couldn’t sleep. In the morning, the king went to the den and cried out to see if Daniel was still alive and he was! Daniel said that God had sent an angel to protect him. King Darius was overjoyed, told this story to his people and they all became believers that day. Daniel didn’t know what would happen to him in the lion’s den. He only trusted that God would take care of him. We can have this same trust in God. Our children have worked very hard to bring this musical to you, so join us on Sunday to learn about the promises and faithfulness of God, even when we feel like all has been lost.

Director of Music,
Julie Ramsey